A collection of things to do, read, watch,…


  • Hiking is a big thing in Seattle. I especially recommend the Olympic Peninsula. I used to go running around Greenlake. If you are taking a walk around the lake, I suggest you stop by Chocolati to get a nice hot chocolate. Biking on the Burke-Gilman trail is really fun. It goes along the water, and takes you to parks, breweries and beaches.
  • Art Institute of Chicago is a must see. If you like blues and jazz, there are some very good venues to listen to live music. Green Mill is a classic. If you have time, stop by Fermilab to see their bison. (Fermilab is open to public.)
  • National Parks in the US are always worth a visit. Especially go out of your way to see the Badlands in South Dakota!
  • If you are visiting Istanbul and want some advice on what to do, contact me! There’s so much to see and do in this gorgeous city!


  • Feedly is an RSS feed reader. I started using it after Google reader died. I will never forgive Google for that.
  • Sarah Keller, a UW professor, makes everyone in her lab read Women Don’t Ask and Ask For It. They are about learning how to negotiate, especially for women who negotiate a lot less than men. If you feel like you don’t know when/how to negotiate, read these books even if you are not of the female persuasion.
  • Evrim Agaci is an online science news outlet — in Turkish!
  • Mathbabe: A math, data science, politics, economics, etc blog. The posts, especially Ask Aunt Pythia Everything parts, are sometimes not suitable for work.
  • Dinosaur Comics is a nerdy comics page.
  • Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal is another nerdy comics page.
  • My friend Alex’s blog Serbo-Croat is a good read with on words.
  • Chanda Prescod-Weinstein is a theoretical astrophysicist who writes often about issues underrepresented minorities, especially people of color, face in academia and elsewhere in the US.