Our Group

Information about the Theoretical Physics Group at Carleton University can be found here. Currently we cannot admit international MSc students (unless they are externally funded) due to the university regulation. International students are welcome to apply to our PhD program. If you are interested in applying to our graduate program, see this page.

Cem Murat Ayber

PhD Candidate

Beyond the Standard Model Physics

Tammi Chowdhury

M.Sc. Student

Honor’s Project: Big Bang Nucleosynthesis and Neutron Lifetime

John Milne

Undergraduate Student, NSERC USRA

Gravitino As A Dark Matter Candidate

Melissa Sammot

Undergraduate Student, Honor’s Project

21-cm Line Cosmology

Our research is funded partially by the Arthur B. McDonald Canadian Astroparticle Physics Research Institute and the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada.