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Summer Schools, Conferences, Workshops in Particle Physics

  • Theoretical Advanced Study Institute in Particle Physics (TASI): Annual summer school held in June at the University of Colorado, Boulder. It usually oscillates between phenomenology and string theory, but has been mostly pheno for a while now. A must-go-to summer school for high energy physics students. You will meet most of your future colleagues here.
  • SLAC Summer Institute: Again, different subject every year. Happens in July/August.
  • Prospects in Theoretical Physics (PiTP): A two-week summer school usually held in June/July at IAS. It changes between string theory and phenomenology.
  • Pheno: Annual symposium held at the University of Pittsburgh. It is a good scale conference with maybe a few hundred people. You can present your work in a 13+2 min talk in the plenary sessions.
  • International Conference on High Energy Physics (ICHEP): Huge scale conference held biennially, at a different place every time.
  • Recontres de Moriond: An extremely prestigious conference held annually. Experiments usually announce their interesting stuff here (or at ICHEP). It is invitation only. However, even though you don’t attend, you should always check the webpage for talks. They are often very very interesting.
  • APS April Meeting: Annual APS meeting for physics topics not covered in the March meeting, i.e. everything but condensed matter.
  • APS NW Meeting: Annual APS Northwest Section meeting. Topics cover all physics. It is a small meeting, especially good for undergrads and young grads to present their work.

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